Sunday, July 22, 2007

A 2 year project...

When Jack was born (aug 2005) my mom came out to help, visit, etc. While she was here, she decided to share her love for knitting with Haley by teaching her how to knit a scarf. Haley was only 5 years old at the time, and it was amazing how quickly she caught on. Her attention span for the scarf would only last for small spurts and then she would forget about it here and there and eventually the scarf got put aside. She picked it up again earlier this year and got right back into it. When she got close to the end, I had no idea how to help her. So... when grandma came to visit in may of this year, we thought we better pull the scarf out and let her help Haley finish it up in the few days that she was here.
Well, she finally finished and is so proud of her cute little 2 year project. She really did a great job and I can't wait to see her wearing it to school when the weathers cools down. Her next scarf she hopes to donate to charity ( so grandma better come back soon to help her get started on that one).
Anyway... Heres the pictures that you requested, mom. What d'ya think?
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Beautiful job, Haley!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Such A Cool Family...

Several months ago Bella's AWESOME preschool teacher asked me if I'd mind doing a photo shoot for her kids and their cousins. So 2 weeks ago I got to take pics of 10 kids and then each individual family separately. Unfortunately I didn't get model releases from all of the parents, but Bella's sweet teacher was kind enough to let me post a pic of her cute family.
I had so much fun! Enjoy your little preview Mrs. P......

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Can you beleive I'm back to blogging. For those of you that actually check this thing... I'm sorry that it's been so long. Besides the beginnings of a pregnancy, this summer has been out of control crazy up until now. I've been having a ton of fun, but for the most part, not taking many pictures. AND... I'm actually starting to miss it. Woohoo... maybe the desire is coming back! My sil came to visit for a month and has really been enthused about learning photog and I was really slacking on helping her. I think she might have learned a thing or two while she was here though.
After she left I flew to Arizona to visit my dear friend HOLLY who is an incredible photographer and I didn't even bring my camera. Ha! I did play with hers a little while I was there though.
Now I'm back and things are settling down so I'm hoping to get the cam out and play a lot more while I have the weather on my side. Wish me luck and hopefully you all haven't already given up on me.
But for now.... Nothing too special in the photog dept, but Someone got a haircut!...
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She looks completely thrilled that I've gotten my camera back out doesn't she?!? Goofy girl. She actually really is happy about her new "do" and so am I. This girl has the absolute worst hair in the world to try to brush and take care of. I've been threatening to do this for months and finally it's done. Whew! Not the best pic... but it really does look cute on her. :)
That's it for now... Hopefully you'll being seeing more of me.