Sunday, September 30, 2007

My New BABY...

.... NOT that one.... he's still safe and sound inside my belly. As for this baby, I've actually been asking for, planning for, saving for, begging for, for longer than the little dude we're all waiting for. I was pregnant with Jack when I told Cliff that we "need" a sedan. We live 45 minutes from the nearest "real" city. 45 minutes from any shopping other than Walmart. 45 minutes from my doctor and hospital. 45 minutes from a real restaurant. 45 minutes for a good date......etc,etc,etc,etc...... We have 2 gas hoggin' suv's and I almost feel guilty jumpin in and taking a trip by myself at 12mpg and $3/gallon. So you see... I "needed" a sedan. Right?!? Well I finally got the ball rollin' by test driving some little sedans myself last thursday. I had it narrowed down to a Camry, an Accord, or an Altima. Cliff said let's wait and make sure there's nothing else in Boise that we might want. He got on line and looked around and found a Maxima that he wanted me to look at. So Friday we got a babysitter and set out for a car-shopping adventure. Before we left and the whole (45 minute) drive there he lectured me about how we might not go home with a car that day and would i be okay with that. Would I be okay with one not so nice cuz maybe we didn't want to pay for "pimped" out. AND... We're not gonna buy the first car we drive...let's just be patient. okayokayokay.... I was just glad that he finally agreed to go shopping with me on this and even though i dreaded the long day ahead of us filled with cars and (even better)car salesmans, I was ready for the adventure.
So how did it turn out???? The first salesman we met, lucky Ted, directed us to a nice used sedan. It was pretty, in excellent condition, low miles and just about the price we'd been looking at. So, sure, we gave it a test drive. Well.... apparently Ted had Cliff read like a book the minute he saw him cuz he didn't even want to SIT in another car much less test drive one after sitting in, yes, the first car we drove. So my friends, this is my New Baby....
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Thanks Cliff! I love ya too!

Saturday, September 08, 2007

For Amanda...

My friend, Amanda called me a few months back and asked me about doing 1 year pics for her baby girl. Yay for me! Miss "K" is just about the sweetest little thing you'll ever meet. I have a ton to proof, but i couldn't resist sharing a few.
Don't you just wanna say "awwwwww!"
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And her other 2 kiddos are the greatest. Mr. "R", her oldest is the biggest flirt, stud-muffin of a 5 year old! So fun to work with. And Miss. "D", well... let's just say she reminds me A LOT of Bella. Such a cutie! Here's an idea of how the family pics went... :)
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(Amanda, I promise i got some cooperative ones, but i HAD to share this one. There's something about it that i love! )